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The advantages

NCP promotes the interests of film, television and documentary producers

NCP promotes the interests of film,television and documentary producers in Hilversum and The Hague

NCP represents 83% of producers in the Netherlands. We promote the interests of independent producers of television productions, films and documentaries. The number of NCP members has grown significantly in recent years, and we are still open for new members such as online content producers. Our members’ productions address a broad and diverse public and connect with the wide-ranging needs and wishes of today’s viewer.  NCP members are culture bearers. Through our productions we disseminate public values, contribute to debate, widen horizons and ensure Dutch culture is maintained and developed.

We are a trusted discussion partner for policy and various organisations within the audio-visual sector, such as broadcasters and the Dutch Media Authority. The NCP is in regular talks with important stakeholders in Hilversum and The Hague, among others. In addition to that, we closely monitor policy developments so that we can respond immediately when necessary.

We promote the interests of producers in Hilversum and The Hague. We want to be the eyes and ears that get results for the creative sector. The position of the producer is central to this both in terms of the profession’s reputation and the business case of our members.

NCP stands for a healthy business case andan equal playing field

NCP stands for a healthy business case and an equal playing field

Over the last few years viewing behaviour and the media landscape has changed with the arrival of super-platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. The declining number of viewers that watch linearly (as in the traditional television programming) has resulted in a shift in advertising revenues. The Dutch makers of television programmes, films and documentaries are at the forefront of these developments. This gave rise to the need for producers to join together to tackle today’s challenges. In recent years the NCP has been broadened and deepened. This is an ongoing process in line with the volatile dynamic of viewing behaviour and media. In this development there are two certainties: it will be different from what we think and the NCP and its members will mould this change.

It is our strong ambition to achieve a level playing field for our members. One in which they can operate on the basis of fair play and quality. The NCP works hard to organise a future-proofed system in which the production profits accrue to those who really invested in them. Risk-taking must result in a return as well.

Public broadcasting forms a breeding-ground for Dutch productions and we are committed to facilitating the development of local productions.  An energetic audio-visual sector will benefit the Dutch cultural sector and deliver quality for the viewer. An honest reward for the risk and entrepreneurship of producers is the incentive for making successful and innovative productions. Moreover, a thriving Dutch sector can make productions which also appeal to a broad, international public. As a result, our own creative industry will be a vital export product.

NCP members can make use of various benefits

Specialised legal helpdesk

• Do you require legal support, not on a permanent basis but just when it suits you?  
• Or perhaps you have your own legal department, but this could use some temporary support?

NCP works in conjunction with So. Legal. This legal advice bureau operates in the media and entertainment sector. The lawyers behind So. Legal are Laurence de Hon and Marianne Augusteijn, who have worked together for over 15 years.

Thanks to the wide variety of work Laurence and Marianne have done for media companies, they are able to provide legal advice quickly and expertly and promote your business interests.

Our cooperative arrangement means you can use the services of So. Legal for a competitive price.
For NCP members, So. Legal charges a rate of € 100 (excl. VAT) per hour instead of the regular rate of € 125 (excl. VAT) per hour. An attractive discount for NCP members only!

So. Legal is extremely flexible and can be engaged in various ways:
• on an hourly or project basis
• on an interim basis for longer periods (cover for leave or vacation)
• on a temporary basis for fixed day(s) per week


Laurence de Hon, +31 (0)6 53 45 75 18,
Marianne Augusteijn, +31 (0)6 51 82 73 70,

Interesting offer for NCP members from Stichting Kijkonderzoek (SKO)

Ever since 2012, NCP members have been able to conclude an agreement with SKO at a considerable discount for reports on viewing figures and analyses along with access to the viewing figures on SKO’s website. At the moment 6 NCP members are already taking advantage of this particularly interesting offer!

The more NCP members who enter into an agreement with SKO the bigger the discount becomes. The discount percentage is fixed per start date of the agreement. For new NCP members who already have an agreement with SKO, the discount percentage will be applied with effect from this date. Producers who join at some point during the contract year will receive the discount applicable at that time. The discount will be recalculated at the start of the next contract year.

At this time the NCP tariff is € 6,494 based on 5 NCP members for reporting on viewing figures and analyses. The regular tariff is € 8,989 (excl. VAT, 2017 price level). The information is the same for all paying subscribers.

In addition, for ad-hoc data transfers there is a 50% discount for NCP members if they have a login for the client portal.

If you are interested in entering into an agreement with SKO, please contact Guus van der Salm. Telephone 020-6414333 or email

Interesting benefits on the following insurances


We have arranged a heavily discounted group contract with CZ, complete with extra supplementary coverage for physiotherapy and dental care. All your employees and family members can participate in the group insurance at CZ.

For more information about the basics of the group insurance, premiums and cover, please refer to

Still not registered as a producer on CZ’s website? Then get in touch with our advisor Floreijn.


For absence insurance and WIA employer’s insurance, NCP has concluded a framework agreement with Nationale-Nederlanden for its members, with attractive premium percentages and discounts.

These insurances supplement your employees’ incomes in the event of occupational incapacity. This is advantageous for both producers who have joined the PNO Media pension fund and for those producers who haven’t.


Each year on 1 January and 1 July you can become your own risk bearer for WGA and Sickness Benefits Act.

If you have any questions or need advice about the above-mentioned topics, please get in touch with:

Floreijn BV
Cornelis van den Bosch
Tel. 06 25 06 37 39

Join up

To enjoy all the advantages of membership, you need to become a producer member of NCP. Would you like to join us, or do you want more information about what we have to offer? Just complete the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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My membership helps me to easily manage the legal and financial matters that are relevant to me and at less cost
Jan Schots, Zodiak Nederland
Over the years NCP has united a diverse group of producers and now represents 83% of the market. That makes it a serious player in the audio-visual sector
Roel Kooi, Pilotstudio
NCP supports our organizations and ensures that we are stronger together
Taco Zimmermann, Tuvalu
NCP stands up for my interests
Nelsje Musch, Blazhoffski
NCP is professional, effective and works proactively towards a viable media future
Reinier Selen, Rinkel Film


The Association of Dutch Content Producers represents and stands up for the interests of more than ¾ of the independent producers of film, television, drama and documentaries in the Netherlands.

The content produced by our members is of high quality, diverse and contemporary. The productions address a broad and diverse public and connect with the wide-ranging wishes of television viewers. Our members are the bearers of Dutch culture. With their productions they disseminate public values, contribute to the preservation of Dutch culture and the development of our citizens. It is not unknown for their innovative, creative formats and dramas to break through and become national and international hits.

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